Why It’s Vital Your Check Your Candidates CV Claims Before You Hire Them for the Job

With so many ways for job seekers to get the most professional of CVs typed up online, more and more employers are seeing some high-quality CV submissions from potential candidates in every industry.

However, when it comes to sifting through so many well-produced documents, it can be easy to be swayed by some of the more professional looking of layouts, alongside grand suggestions of previous employers and current qualifications on one-person’s CV alone.

Go Beyond the Standard Two Reference Requests

As a standard procedure, many companies will ask for two referees who can confirm the candidate in question alongside vouching for their character. But, though a considerable percentage of candidates will offer honest information here, there will also be those that aren’t entirely so forthcoming with this.

It may be included in your company policy to automatically check these references, asking for confirmation in writing or by phone but for a more confident check, why not also select at random a former employer who you can just choose from the candidate’s CV to satisfy yourself with that one extra check?

Likewise, if you have been searching for a candidate with a specific skill set, and they claim to have such knowledge and evidence of this at a particular company on their CV, call the company to get a quick confirmation that they actually did do what they claim to have done on their CV.

Offer the Potential Candidate a Quick-Fire Test

Though you don’t want to scare them off, you do need to be sure that candidates can do what they claim they can do! Sometimes the only way to do this is to get them to attempt a test which is relevant to what you want them to be able to do for you when they become a part of your organization.

From using and applying relevant computer skills to working on equipment or dealing with customers, whatever you feel is a crucial part of their role is worth asking them to show their aptitude and capability in at this stage of the interviewing process.

Much money is lost on the recruitment process by many a business, whether big or small, through hiring candidates who claim to be able to tick all off the job description but soon prove otherwise when they are taken on for that role.

Continue Observations When Candidates Become Your Employees

Several roles in the industry require companies to keep a continuous check on their employees, sometime after they have been hired for the position. Schools, care homes, and hospitals are just some of the professions whereby regular checks are required by law to satisfy the terms and conditions of their employment, alongside keeping those around them safe always.

Never underestimate the importance of such checks and strive to ensure that your company has an effective ongoing procedure for undertaking regular checks. Teaching Personnel highlight the importance of doing this, not only for the benefit of your staff members but also as a means of protecting your company.