Home tuition for students who need more attention

Our education system in Singapore has been described as “world-leading”, and it was even picked out for commendation by the Conservative former UK Education Secretary Michael Gove back in 2010. However, with the increasing awareness that not every child is created equal, our education system is being discussed and debated. The curriculum and test system are continuously improved for the benefit of our students. While a majority of our kids will perform well in the education system set by our Ministry of Education, there are certain groups of students that will not fit in. They might be seriously lacking behind in the education, or too far ahead of their peers. Let’s have a look at groups of students who might need special attention in school for their full potential to truly shine through.

Students with learning disabilities can go for home tuition

Children who might be diagnosed with a learning disorder might have difficulty fitting into the standard curriculum provided by the school. There are different types of learning disorders, and varying degrees of afflicting. Common examples are the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) where the child is hyperactive, impulsive, and often described as ‘impatient’ or ‘hard to control in class’. There are also dyslexic students, who have problem reading, writing, and spelling. These learning disorders are not an indication of a child’s intelligence. Children diagnosed with these disorders often have a craving to learn, though they find it difficult. Students like these could perform well in school with the right guidance and teaching methods, and that’s where home tuition agencies come in. A private tutor can provide students with the much needed one-to-one attention and address their understanding issues at the student’s own pace. The students can learn comprehensively without having the pressure to catch up to the speed of their peers, which is an excellent learning platform for them to unlock their full potential.

Students who are just weak at one topic can seek for home tutors

Not all of us are good at everything. Very often, we have our weakest subject in school, and that is the subject that we dread the most during exams. Having one weak subject does not mean that we are poor students- it might just mean that we need better guidance in that subject. Students who require extra assistance in just one, or perhaps two or three subjects, can greatly benefit from private tuitions because of the in-depth explanation the student can get from personal sessions with their home tutors. Students have the time to ask more about a specific chapter they might have trouble with, and have a long discussion until all their confusion is cleared. Here at A-Tutors, we have a range of home tutors that are skilled in their respective topics and subjects who can help you with your doubts and questions. Request for a tutor online here to kick-start you or your child’s learning process!

Students who are one step ahead of their peers could learn more from a private tutor

Children who are too advanced for their age might also find trouble fitting in the standard school curriculum. However, why should we let that limit their growth? If your child is performing far too well for their year, you can opt to push them to a higher level in school, or you can also provide them with more growth room outside of school. Having a private tutor for your genius child can allow them to learn at their own pace, well beyond the curriculum of the school. Get a range of expertise home tutors that can custom-make your kid’s curriculum to prepare him/her for a more advanced learning programme. They can take English tuition, Chinese tuition, maths tuition, or even science subjects earlier than they were meant to, if they can cope with it. Don’t let the school curriculum limit their growth if they are capable of growing faster than their peers!